Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comic//Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the bean stalk
-    A young boy who is teased to test his bravery ventures into an underground cavern and confronts a giant monster. He returns back with the eye of the monster to prove what he confronted.

- Kids teasing a younger boy outside of an opening to a cavern
-First 3 panels run across the top of the page-
Panel 1
View of the kids surrounding a younger boy
    One of the Older kids
Caption: “Go down there if you aint scared.”
Panel 2
    Another kid apart of the group
    Caption: “Don’t be a Puss.”
Panel 3
    One more kid apart of the group
    Caption: “But, you gotta prove it!”

Panel 4 – Our young hero makes his best tough face and says hell do it
    Close up of our young hero’s face
    Caption: “I’m not scared.”

Panel 5 - He crawls into a hole in the ground
Showing his dirty, scuffed of shoes dangling out of the hole to the cavern.

Panel 6 – After falling in the hole, dusts off his shoulders

Panel 7 – pulls a flashlight from his backpack

Panel 8 - Looks around the cavern his flashlight spotting stalagmites but nothing interesting or scary to be seen just a normal cavern.

(Page -2)
-Our hero gets lost trips and falls into a cavern where a gigantic monster slumbers
Panel 1 - Looking at his watch realizes that he’s been there far too long.
Panel 2 - He decides to find his way and back turns around.

Panel 3 - Immediately falls through another hole.

(Page – 3)
- Our boy hero looks for something to take with him but only can see bones and then sees a steaming pile of shit. Thinking that it’s the only thing to prove what he found. Grabs a heaping handful of it.
Panel 1 - Our hero coughing while sitting in a rubble.

Panel 2 - our hero gazes out to see a giant monster sleeping (lit by light from the water/any ambient light that’s found its way into the cavern)

Panel 3 - Getting ready to sneeze “AHHH”

Panel 4 - Quickly with both hands cups his nose and his mouth.

Panel 5 – Our hero slowly steps out of the rubble.

Panel 6 - Walks towards the monster while inspecting the cavern its been living in.

Panel 7 - Thinking of something to bring back to show the other kids. However all that’s in this little cavern are bones…

Panel 8 - … and shit.

Panel 9 - Our heroes face at the situation.

(Page 4)
- Our boy turns around to find the monster awake, confused about what the kid is doing. Startled and terrified the Boy does the only thing he can, tosses the shit and runs. The monster makes haste and creating a giant ruckus. Slips on the shit. And flies into the wall its head smashed and it definitely dead.

Panel 1- The boy digging in smelly shit.

Panel 2 - The boy turns around to see the monster awake staring him down.

Panel 3 - The kid tosses some of the shit at the monsters face.

Panel 4 - The monster shakes the shit of its face.
    Caption: GRRRRRR

Panel 5 - The monster furious makes haste after the boy, bumping into the walls of the cave.

Panel 6 - The boy runs while rocks are falling.

Panel 7 - The monster leaps at our young hero.

Panel 8 – SUDDENLY a rock falls on the head of the beast. 

(Page – 5)
-    The monster makes haste and creating a giant ruckus.

Slips on shit.

And flies into the wall its head smashed and it definitely dead.

(Page -6)  SPREAD

(Page -7)
Panel 1 - Kids playing outside of the cavern.

Panel 2 - A big thump from a backpack and a dirty, sweaty, poop covered kid comes out of a hole in the ground.

Panel 3 - The other kids staring at our hero curiously ask
Caption: “what happened to you?”

Panel 4 – Our hero smirks pulling his bag in front of him.

(Page -8) - Proves his worth

Panel 1 - Opens up his bag
        Caption: Zippp

Panel 2 - pulls out a giant eyeball that popped out of the monster s head.

Panel 3 - Pan out showing all the kids cheering picking up our hero
    Caption: “YEAAAAAA”

Panel 4 - then immediately drop him

Panel 5 - because he smells like shit
    Caption: “is that shit all over you?”